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does anyone ever get their freebies???


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Oct 25, 2006
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i fill them out when ever i see them and i no some times its only the first 1000 people or some thing but i have never ever once recieved one grrrrrrrr it anoies me :evil:
i got one in today, i only filled it in about 2 weeks ago, hang on till i check the spelling of it, ive never herd of it to be hionest

its a pink bag of soap powder called

non bio
sensitively clean

havent opend it yet but the bag is a fair size for a tester, think it does about 5 washes maybe less
plus i got a £1.50 off coupon with it

:p but i havent seen it in the shops :?
Yeah I've had quite a few bits.

I got:
A Baileys Coffee Frother
Ferrair stickers
Baby DVD on sommin or other

Can't remember them all but I have been ok so far.

Sometimes the offer is over by the time I read the forum so I miss it but generally....all goes well.
i got a £10 argos gift voucher from someone called ipsos online uk pannel

took me about 300 surveys to get £10 though :lol: :lol:
i do at couple everynight after a month i start getting freebies everyday in the post its great i forget what i go in for
i have recieved

A Baileys Coffee Frother
coffe samples
tea sample
exemra cream
shower gel
wilkson sword razer for men and woman worth 8quid each
also gillet fusion razer b4 it came out worth 8 quid with a free razer
money off

i love getting stuff in the post it wicked
In the 5 years i have been freebing i have had many many different things :D

Latley though i've had.

Baileys Latte Glasses
Baileys Frother.
5 different razors
4 different sets of Meshcards
Avery samples.
Drinking Chocolate
Food Samples
Gift Vouchers (lots of)

Infact umpteen number of things. I do belong to over 10 survey sites, and 3 freebie/bargain forums (1 of which i mod on) a few cashback sites, Some refferal sites inc. The one and only Interclickz :lol: Oh and i do comping too so i win a few things every now and then :mrgreen:

I do put in a lot of work though but i've had a lot back in return too :D
Loadsssss each year with freebies, bargains, cashback & prizes it must be a total of around £3000 in 2006!
I got the Equezan tablets-the Omega things but that's it! :cry:
im not going to even write down how many freebies ive had,but the best ones ahve goto be the money from surveys and offers ,this year ive had £10 from rpoints,only joined 2 months ago,£50 from yougov, about £200 approx in amazon vouchers from unex. about £200 in amazon from juicybrains, and theres a few more that ive probably forgot. had a crate of 20 bottles of heineken 2 weeks ago to do a trial on :lol:
i got 2 packs of 'save water' you put in your toilet and it saves a litre of water everytime you flush
havent tried it yet waiting till new bathroom gets fitted in january sometime :roll:
where is everyone getting these baileys freebies from?? lol i want them !!!! :lol:

I sometimes recieve stuff months down the line and when i recieve it i dont remember sending off for it as its been so long ! !Lol

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