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Does anyone know.....


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Sep 4, 2006
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...how long ovulation actually takes to happen?!? Cos I know once the egg is released it'll live for 6-12 hours .... but do you know how long it takes for the egg to get released and reach it's destination?!?

And also ... does anyone know how long after the egg has been released it takes for your temperature to go up?? Does it go up just after the egg is on it's little journey .... or does it go up only after the egg has probably died??

not going to lie to you honey, i have no bloody clue about any of it....just thought i would give (((((cuggles))))) until someone cough wobbles ( :amartass: )comes along, shes fabby and online just now too.... arcanegirls good too, she will help you later....
The egg, or embryo if fertilization has taken place, hangs out in the fallopian tube for about 3 days (low estradiol) until the estradiol starts to increase and the cilia sweep it down to the uterus. Once in the uterus the embryo hangs out for about another 3 or 4 days until it hatches and can then implant into the endometrium. If it is an unfertilized egg, then it will be lost a week or so later in the menstrual flow when the endometrium is sloughed off.

Your temp I assume that it starts to go up when your eggy is on its journey.
Cheers Wobbles ... so it definitely sounds like your egg has 'died' by the time your temp goes up..

Damn it ... ah well :D Next month it is then .....
All our temps go up if we have fertilized eggy or not ...... I just assume it goes up when the egg moves weather it goes left or right type thing :D
Yeah .. I was just trying to determin whether u can still BD quickly after you get your temp rise after ov .. or whether the egg is no longer 'live'!! Clasping at straws now methinks!! :rofl:

Too late now anyway .. he's gone out for the day!!
FF includes the day after "O" for BD scoring
Cos there is a slight chance it can happen

See why didn't you just say that Bec! :rofl: Yes they say there is a chance on O day & the day after :lol:
Sorry :oops: I'm a bit of a waffler ... it's how I passed my English A-Level :rofl: I obviously didn't get my point across properly!!

Damn it .... I KNEW I should've pounced on him this morning!! :lol:

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