Does this sound like pregnancy?


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Dec 27, 2007
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my period started this month on the 11th and I had unprotected sex about a week - week 1/2 after it started, basically the day after or so it ended and a few days later. I am not sure when I ovulated but I think I might have because I had a few days when I had more CM etc.
I am expecting to get my period around the 11th of next month.

I am wondering because I feel nauseated and that's not really normal for me.
I have a bit of cm that is white and seems thicker than normal but not a huge amount. I also feel tired. It's tough to say tho because I am getting over a cold.. so maybe tired cuz of that and I also started school (college) on monday.

I was wondering if anyone else has gotten pregnant around that point in their cycle? I've heard sperm can live inside you for a few days.. so maybe its possible.

Well, I just thought I'd check and see what others thought. Thanks alot guys..
i think it most common to ovulate around from around 10 days after your period, however there is still a chance..there is a always a chance..i would just say wait it out for now, then test if you dont gt your period..good luck! x
hey thanks alot for your answer I appreciate it :) Do you mean 10 days after it ends, or 10 days from the day it starts? Mine lasted around 5 - 6 days and i had sex maybe 7th day after and then maybe 10h or 11th day.
No problems :) I meant after it ends. Its not always dead on that time limit, but that is most common.. If you have concieved i think you would have most likely ovulated on the 11th..but there is a chance anytime really.. When is your next period due? Looks like your gna have to wait it out tho hun!x
Hi again :)

Well, I started my period in September on the 11th, and had unprotected sex on 18th and 21st ish. then again on 24th but that was protected.. so now its the 1st of Oct and im feeling nauseated and weirdly almost crampy. I'm not expecting AF for another 10 days or so..
it normally works out the be 14 days before AF is due so it really depends on your cycle. if you have a 28 day cycle it's likely to be O on the 14th day.
I am going through the exact same thing, I had AF on the 11th and right now I am so nauseas past few days have been the same thing, i cant eat nothin or it comes up. But can nausea happen this early in the cycle?
hi lynn23 why dont you try fertility its real good and it will calculate how long your cycle is and when you are most likely to be ovulating that what i did cuz i had no idea what to do :)

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