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lucky mum of one of each!
Aug 31, 2006
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was at my dads for tea tonight, dropped darren at work....

went in pocket 4 key.....

darren had it :dohh:
had 2 get me stepmum 2 drive is back n get it :rofl:
:rofl::rofl: bet you were just missin darren n wanted another kiss :rofl::rofl::rofl:
ni i was 2 embarassed 2 kiss um.... all his mates were outside smoking :blush:
oh dear :lol:
That happened to me once, ended up at Robs mums till he came home. Another time he took both keys and locked me in the house!
lol i was lucky i noticed str8 away!!!
I stupidly shut the door in a hurry one day when taking my Mum to chemotherapy.....we got to the hospital and she was so happy because she was soo tired and they told her, her bloods were not good enough to have chemo today, come back in 2 days which meant she got to go home early :happydance::happydance: YAY!!!!!! She was so relieved, I then had to break the news to her that I had shut the keys in the house:dohh::blush: AND Paul was at work 3 hrs away:cry:......and there was my Mum who could barely keep her eyes open. I had to get my BIL to go to his Ex wifes to get a ladder, he then climbed over our frence, climbed up the ladder to my mums bedroom window and managed to get in thru there *PHEW* I was so relieved, but my poor Mum would have been quicker and more comfy to have had Chemo...by the time we would have got home Paul would have been in! :lol:

Another time, me and my Mum was living with my sister whilst Mum went thru Chemo 16 months earlier than that time ^.....and we had arranged to go away for the weekend, so my sister told us to leave the keys in her house! Fine, no worries.....so we managed that, BUT on the way out I shut the door on my skirt and couldn't move, I was stuck in the door :rofl: We couldn't stop laughing, and we never had a clue what we was going to do! I was going to take another skirt out my packed bag and put that on and step out the one in the door and just leave it there for my sister :lol: but I was in full view of loads of houses so thought better of it. In the end my sister got her hubby to come home, jump over the garden fence and he managed to get in thru the patio doors as we had left them unlocked! So me & my skirt was saved! [-o< :rofl:
tam u fruit loop!!!! omfg i aint laughed so hard in all my life!!!! u remind me so much of me!!!!
Nutters the pair of ya!!!

I left the keys in the car the other week ...unlocked and in the ignition ...

Realised at 12.30 at night :wacko:

Gav was not amused!! :dohh:


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