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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by Jenna3, Jun 28, 2022.

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    Jun 28, 2022
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    I’m having a hard time trying to know who the father of my baby is. Regardless I will be getting a DNA test but I just wanted some clarification or help. Im currently 35 weeks so I’ll find out soon regardless. My LMP started October 14th and ended October 18th, my cycles are usually about 30 days. I had sex with guy A on October 25th and 27th. I had sex with guy B on november 9th. Based off of my due date of August 2nd, it says I conceived on november 9th. I got my first positive test on November 21st. Took a test on november 19th that was negative. Like i said I know I need a dna test regardless because I had unprotected sex with 2 guys in the same cycle. I just wanted a second opinion, I’ve been thinking of every possible chance.
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    I think it's guy B based on your pregnancy test being negative on Nov 19 but positive on Nov 21. And that combined with your due date being later. It would mean you ovulated very late though.
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    I think guy B as well.
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    If your cycle is 30 days, and CD 1 was Oct 14, my guess is that your period should have started on November 5. Did you have a period at all in early November? For a 30 day cycle, I would think you would ovulate around CD 16; which would mean guy A is the father.
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    I agree that it’s likely Partner B and you had delayed ovulation this cycle with the same logic. A negative test on 11/19 rules out Partner A as you were 23 days past sex, and even if the sperm lived a miraculous 5-7 days any test at that stage would have be obviously positive. Compared to it being very common for women to test negative at 10dpo then positive 13dpo. Toss is that the due date/conception date match the second guy, I’d say science stands with Partner B. Hoping for a safe and lovely delivery and beyond for you <3

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