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Don't think this is my month.


Mum of 3
Dec 21, 2006
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AF is due tomorrow, but I've not felt any different. :?

And my face is covered with bloody spots this morning, so I'm presuming the bitch is on her way. :twisted:

I'm a bit more pissed off than normal with this month not working as I would have loved for the 2 LO's to be less than a year apart, and even if I do get pg next month, there will be more than a year between them. I know sounds really selfish considering what other people are going through every month, but it was what we both really wanted so I'm a little down today. :(

sorry for the moan. :(
wow i didnt no you were ttc.
Hehe didn't realise you were TTC again either - Good luck for a speedy BFP Amanda :D

Awwww Hunni xxx

Big :hugs: Hope you get BFP REALLLLLLLLY soon!!!

Fingers crossed xxx
Dionne said:
wow i didnt no you were ttc.

We have been 'letting nature take it's course' since having Charlie, but not really broadcasting it tbh. I want 2 close together like you Dionne! :D
i never said i was "ttc" either i just stoped taking my pill once Dior was 3months old.

but still i think your bonkers lol
if i could turn back time i would have waited till Dior was 1 till i got preg again.
its bad to admit but i never appreciate Harley as much as i had them so close
Dionne said:
but still i think your bonkers lol

who - me???https://bestsmileys.com/flipping/3.gif

I want to get the next one born before Charlie is walking too much. :lol: If my SPD comes back as bad as last time, I'll never cope with a toddler! :shock:
Well I've just been to the loo and wiped brown. :(

Oh well, it took me 6 months with Charlie, so still plenty of time.

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