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    I possible should have posted here before. My brain just dosent think st times.

    My sons 8 he has dyslexia. Hes been diagnosed by the school education psychologist last year.

    He struggles to read. Hes on level 3 books. He can write his name, The, moon, and. He trys to spell thing out-with phonics.

    Numbers he gets 2345679 the wrong way round sometime. Not all the time-he will look back and remember if hes wrote the numbers before.

    I guess lick down has brought it to a head. He an amazing little boy caring and kind sensitive and funny. He lights up my whole universe. I love him more than anything. I HATE to see him.get upset-he was head banging when he got 2 x table in a muddle.

    I've contacted the school, and I love his school. My bf has dyslexia and got bullied at high school because of it. I guess i want to help ds as much as i can now.so he isnt. Maybe i am.over worrying.

    Anyone help?

    I've ordered pokemon early readers off Amazon as he says school books are for babies :( and pokemon card to help with numbers. The added school work was on Shakespeare's this week. No way could he write about him.

    3 sentence and 6 sums took 55 mins. He gets so sad. I feel so bad.

    He loves dinos so we do multipletimes with dino figures. We are working with the 3 x table. He can say the answer but with write 4x3 =21 instead of 12.

    Anyone have advise or can point me in right direction pls? Xxxx
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    My DS, also 8 is dyslexic too (and me too). DS has expressed the same frustrations, the books on his level are too babyish, he is frustrated with himself etc. We picked up a bunch of dyslexia friendly books from Amazon and our local library. They are great. also graphic novels are a real help as there are fewer words but the themes are on point for him. He gets a weekly subscription of the Phoenix magazine which he really likes.
    DS has additional support in school and has made a lot of strides, he is in mainstream class and on target for maths and working towards for his other subjects which is amazing and we remind him a lot of how far he's come.

    I know for me the fact that I had to work work work to get near my peers when I was young has actually really benefitted me. It is easy to say that now that I'm no longer little and crying with frustration because I've been put into another special needs class when I worked so hard to be in mainstream, but it is true and I remind my DS that just like an athlete has to work hard to get strong/fast, we have to work hard to learn new skills (like reading, spelling) and we'll feel so proud when we do.

    Does your DS have any mechanisms he uses that help him? For DS, for example, if he wasn't able to do the English work I might chop up the text, read the segments to him and get him to order them so that the story makes sense. That way he is working on the same piece as his classmates but it's not going to be way beyond him and make him shut down. I always look at what the learning objectives are and try to adapt the activity so that it meets the same objective but is his level.

    There are lots of dyslexia-friendly resources online to support children in all areas of learning, we used Nessy previously but there are lots others that are worth searching out (if you haven't already).


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