Eating junk food while sick?

Discussion in 'Your Health & Wellbeing' started by x-MummyToBe-x, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Soo i have caught the flu off LO and for some reason everytime i am ill i tend to binge eat more as it seems to make me feel like im better but it makes me feel so down because i have lost 9lb so far and i really dont want to gain weight everytime i am sick!

    Tell me if you think this is bad for what i have ate today

    • 2 Slices of toast with butter & Cuppa tea 2 sugars
    • W.W Pasta and chicken creamy sauce & steamed veges & OJ
    • 5 chocolates out of roses tin & Cuppa tea 2 sugars
    • And im going to have a KFC Fully Loaded Meal & Coke

    It makes me feel really rubbish even looking at that :cry: i am probably overreacting but im rather sensitive when it comes to my diet/weight

    Anyone else get the same while they are sick with eating more? xx
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    I a TOTALLY the same. The butter and toast and fried chicken might have a lot of calories right now, but the way I see it, calories is fuel for your body and your body needs all the energy it can get to get you feeling better. I would not go nuts, but I might not diet if I was sick.

    On the other hand, sugar is very bad for someone who is sick. I can't remember exactly why but I come from a family of Dr.'s and Nurses and every time I got sick, all the basic sugar was taken away. (what I mean by basic is chocolate, soda, just plain white sugar, sweets. Not bread or other things that turn to sugar later) Apparently it makes you get better slower.

    So eat as much as you need. Try and eat healthy and don't worry about calories. Stay away from sugar. :thumbup:
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    Feed a cold, starve a fever! Whenever I'm ill all I can face is lucozade and jelly tots, then as I get better I crave chip barms, presumably for the carbs. I'd say fill yourself up with soup & wholemeal bread and pasta and stuff. Hope you feel better soon xx

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