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End of BF


Proud mummy :)
Oct 13, 2007
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After persevering for over 9 weeks now i have finally made my mind up to give up BF :cry:

It has not gone well from day 1 & I have been to the BF clinic & got advice from health visitors etc.. I just have to accept that my baby does not want to/cant BF!

She is a very whngy baby as it is & I feel that I nor her can go through any additional stress caused by BF now...
I am really upset as I wanted to BF so badly but hey I tried my best... :(
good work ffor the effort you put in... 9 weeks is plent of time, no worries :hugs:
:hug: Well done for keeping it up as long as you did
Angelica, you've done awesome!

Don't be sad, be proud of your accomplishment in spite of the difficulties you've faced!
9 weeks is brilliant, think about all the wonderful antibodies you have given your LO. Well done you, most people dont make it past the first week, dont feel guilty you have done something amazing for your baby.
:hugs: Well done for lasting so long! You've done great :D x
I was speaking to my GP about how we are mix feeding but that I felt quite guilty about how little breastmilk I'm giving him. She said that really it's the antibodies and immunity that we give them in the first couple of weeks that's so important. You've done brilliantly for persevering for so long! Now hand your baby and a bottle over to someone else and relax :)

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