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    Hi girls

    Went for scan on Wednesday and there was no heartbeat :-(

    Had to have an ERPC yesterday [D&C] anyone know how long till I can start trying again, I had a miscarriage the cycle before falling pg with my daughter [now 2] and literally happened the next cycle but this time cause i've had the D&C not sure what to do as we want to try again as soon as is safe.

    Also for those of you that have had the D&C did you get any dizzy spells the following day, i've had some today and they literally made me lay down [not nice] hopefully they will be gone tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance
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    Jan 3, 2011
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    Hi there. I'm so sorry for your miscarriage.

    I've heard different advice from different people regarding trying again. My doc said to wait 2 menstrual cycles before trying again after I had a D&C. I did that, but miscarried again (early and naturally).

    My midwife recommends waiting three periods based on her anecdotal observation that women who have multiple miscarriages in a row seem to have them close together.

    Another midwife at the same practice says, "When you ovulate, your body's ready."

    So there's the range of advice I've had. I'd recommend waiting a little while, at least one menstrual cycle, if only to let your hormones get back to normal so that you can better figure out what you need. You may still want to get pregnant again soon, or you may decide that you actually want to take a little breather between big hormonal events.

    Whatever you choose, I hope it works out beautifully next time! I don't think there's any irresponsible choice, just a lot of conflicting advice to work through. Good luck!
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    I agree that there is conflicting advice about this one!

    The hosp advised that I wait for 2 cycles but when I saw my doctor he told me that there was no need to wait if I was ready to start again. They say that you should wait at least one cycle so that if you fall pregnant again after that they can date you properly. The doctor said it can cause confusion about the dates if you don't wait, and then if you have a scan too early (but you don't realise it) there may be unnecessary worry caused because there is no hb etc etc. It makes sense but really I would just go with what you feel is right for you.

    My mmc was a very drawn out process and ended up being over several months due to complications, so I decided to give myself a break (both physically and mentally) and am now in my first 2ww. I have stupidly convinced myself that this is my month, so am praying that I don't get a BFN next week. Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


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