esay idea fr presents for grandparents, aunts, uncles ect.

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Oct 13, 2007
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on the tesco photo website u can compile calenders using photos of LO or anything u want. im making one for the grandparents. so easy as i have millions of photos already might have to stage some for big events such as christmas and easter. but i thought if u was having trouble of thinking of ideas this one is quick and easy and u can do it online XXX

update they are on buy on get one free :happydance:
oh i did this back in 2006 when it was my LO's first xmas, i found someone on ebay that did it, and the family loved it. Its a great idea xxx
Oh had a look at the tesco ones and they are buy one get one free too, offer on til 26th OCT, ooohh i might do another one...thanks for that xx
was gonna do mine nearer xmas but im gonna start now x
Wow!!! They are so good!

Hmmmmm.... My parents, the in-laws, my grandma, and one for us - for less than £20!!!

Thanks loads Clairbear.:hugs::hugs:

*runs off to get photo CD's and pick 13 good ones!*
just wanted to post here saying i ordered mine from tesco BOGOF and they have just arrived and are absolutely perfect!!!!! couldnt fault them, DEFINATLY well worth buying!
just to letyou guys know, bounty have sent me an offer today, they are doing one onew get one free...2 for £15.00

will ordr mine and let you all know

h x
Thanks, im definately doing this on friday while I have some free time!
ordered 4 tonight:happydance: thanks for that claire :)
got mine the other day and they look fantastic xx
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