Fedup with coats!


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Aug 31, 2006
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I have 2 coats I bought off eBay that I need to resell as its just not for me!

I can't find any I like I found a lovely one in Tesco for £55 but its cream & I want black so that was a no go :( My wooly coat was a bit scraggy so I bought a gorgeous thick black one from Tesco but its still not a nice coat - Ya know for going out etc or just looking smart!

SO I think I have found one again:

Click Here

It so better be nice :evil:
:rofl: heres hoping this coat stays for awhile :D:D

i really like that coat honestly i think its gorgeous....sadly, coats like that (that i love) make me look like i'm playing dress up :? it really sucks lol, i hope this is THE ONE for you 8)
Awww man!
Coat shopping sucks!
I normally hate it cos i can't get any in my size, but i fell in love with one and G made me try it on (i hate trying stuff on!) and it fits, and its a 20... 2 whole clothes sizes smaller than last years coat! :shock:

Its this one.... https://www.marksandspencer.com/IWC...chant_Id=1&Section_Id=8857&Product_Id=2163798

(it looks better on me than it does her!) ;) haha!!

That coat is gorgeous Wobs!

Hope you love it! :hugs:
A coat I bought that is a size 18 is pretty big! I'd say a 20/22 in size. My tops have to be 18 because of my bust but this coat is just way bigger! :(
that is gorgeous(secretly adds a cream 1 2 basket) :-$ :-=
Arcanegirl said:
:shock: at the price Hayley!!! I could buy 5 coats for that!

I didn't have you with me to bargain hunt! ;)
(i'd have brought it anyways!)
I luuuurrrrrrvvvvvveeeee it!
G was well upset i got into a 20 at the top... my boobs are shrinking, no need for a reduction! lol!!!

I LOVE that coat :D
I am BAD now I have been linked to on on the DP site which does not have my size so I rang the nearest DP to me & they have kept me one back :shock: Only it's £9 more in the shops as DP online has an offer on :(

I'm going to be loaded with coats :shock:

you know thats something ive never had, i cant wear a coat!! i get all sweaty n makes my face all blotchy!!! i usually just wear a zip up or my denim!! even in the winter!!!!
I bought it an whist I was there I spent the total of £100 :shock: :oops:
Not finished really LOL I bought some comfy shows 2 days ago & I'm set for a pair of boots from eBay Ooooo an I had my hair done :D I feel FAB :D


Scrap that I've bought the boots!!!

well if its makin u feel good keep doing it!!! those boots are gorge btw!!!!!
My jeans (they nice than what they look on there) https://www.dorothyperkins.co.uk/cgi-bin/product.cgi?prodid=DGA23



& a hooded top I can't find on there :D

I've not spent out like this for a LONG time so I'm feeling good about myself - I think I needed to do this AGERS ago! I coudl have saved about £20 online though - Nah mind!
Yer - We're going to Rileys on teh weekend so I have a chance to look nice out of trainees and puffy coats :lol:
The good has been dampened a little! Got my hair curled up again an the back of my neac is BURNT!!!
oh no did they do that or did you catch it with the hair dryer

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