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Nov 8, 2006
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Just wanted to know when your little ones started feedin themselves properly?

Noah eats finger food hapily but still likes to trow food on the floor, and I have to ive him one piece at a time, or he trys to stuff everything in his mouth at once till he gags!

Also he has no idea about how to use a spoon, cant even start with one, hew just hurls it to the floor and uses his hands, and he wont even hold his own beaker, just expects you to hold it to his mouth for him. I try to put his hands up the sides of the cup but he just pulls away again.

Shouldnt he be doing this stuff by now??
Well from experience, boys tend to be lazier than girls for a start!!!!

They don't usually master a spoon until about 2 yrs old so i wouldn't worry about that

What cup do you use for Noah?
Jack won't use any except this kind (but blue :D )

Just trial and error i think
chloe dont use a spoon and she is 17 month!! i have tried 2 get her 2 use a fork 2 but she prefers her hands, i put a fork and spoon there so if she does want 2 use it she can, but i dont see the point in forcing her, also sometimes (wen shes in mode naughty) she just rubs the foor on her face and hair :? not fun!!! every kids is different, u just need 2 persevere n b patient :? lol
jo chloe has those cups there tommee tippee ones eh? she cant grasp the concept of biting 2 drink :roll:
Oh cool, its just my niece is 16 months old and eating her dinner with a fork, so I got a bit worried!
mind u chloe went thro a phase of eating with a fork but wud take bout an hr eatin her t n shed get frustrated if she got summit thn dropped it lol
Jonny is 4 and would still rather use his fingers than cutlery!! :dohh:
Was still having problems getting son to eat lumpy food at 10 to 11 months. He started feeding self about 18 months ish. DD was a lot earlier but I think she was too impatient to wait for mummy to have a mouthful b4 her nxt one :rofl: :rofl: She also likes copying her big brother. She now uses a spoon and fork and is 2.
Seren likes to feed herself and a lot of the food does end up on the floor. She gets frustrated if I feed her, but hasn't got the sppon feeding sussed yet, just dips it in then waves it about and chews on it for ages. She has her cup (either her tommee tipee one, or her doidy one). She is still a little messy with the doidy though as she likes to tip it up.

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