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Sep 1, 2006
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just been in town to primark to get Adele some new undies.
On the way down we found £20 on teh path but no one was around and we were skint was going into primark with £5 cos she was badly needing new pants :lol:
now i feel guilty cos we spent the £20 and got her some new tops and jeans

what would yous have done would yous have handed it in to teh police station?

thinking i should take £20 down next week when ive got money again what do yous think?
I would keep it! Done it before lol!

If it was £50 or more then i would probably hand it in.

Dont feel guilty for spending it on something you needed!
If theres no purse/wallet with cards inside then its just lost money when handed in! If I loose a note I don't ring the police station if I loose my purse I will because of ID/cards etc!
I would keep it and have done before when I've found money.

If it was a purse then I'd hand it in but just money I keep :lol:
I'd keep it, don't feel guilty :hugs: it wasn't in a purse.
If you take it to a police station they'll probably just spend it on tea and biscuits :lol:

You've put it to more use buying adele some new clothes.

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If i found it i would have done the same ...

Don't feel guilty babes :)
Oh babe, don't feel guilty!!!!

If it had been in a purse, then I would have had to handed it in if it had details in it, but when loose money is laying about.......tell me honestly who wouldn't pocket it, there is no proof of who's it is?!?!?

Things happen for a reason, and you LO was destin to get some deserved clothes babe, it was fates way of lending a helping hand :wink:

I would have kept it babe, and say you give it back next week............who you going to give it to, and do you think it would ever get retrieved by the rightful owner? I doubt it! So you enjoy your little bit of luck https://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/JohnnyCharger1968/Emoticons/cheers.gif
Thanks everyone im feeling better for doing it now :lol: Adele really did need some new things so im glad i spent the lot on her.

I guess the way i see it now is if it was me who lost it, i know i woudl have never seen it again.

Awhile ago OH lost his wallet with everything inside including £85 well we got the wallet back but no cash was inside it so maybe it was us getting it for a reason as some of you have said :D

thanks again everyone
oh id def keep it!!!! i remember one crimbo eve i found a purse in argos and im not joking it had like £500 in it and 4 credit cards so i handed it in at desk and while i was doin so there was a woman in hysterical tears saying shed lost a purse!!! so she seen me with it and started hugging me and threw £20 at me!! i was like no keep it!! shes like no please take it its the least i can do!!! i was well chuffed :D
She never gave you the £500??

Bit of a cheek!! :D
i know was tempted to ask her 4 a credit card but thot i was chancin my mitt!!
Yes I would say to it was o.k. to keep it. Probably it was fate and God thought that you needed it really urgently and gave you some unexpected help 8) - you never know.

If it had been in a purse you should have handed it to a police station but whoever carries 20 pounds without a purse seems to have enough money and is willing to "invest" into a great little girl. :lol:
i'd have done the same kept it and spent on something i needed...lucky you :D bit like finding a penny picking it up and having good luck...maybe you will have GREAT luck this week :D:D
finders keepers losers wheepers!! :tease:

sounds like karma was giving you a helping hand did we learn nothing from Earl?
finders keepers losers wheepers!! :tease:

sounds like karma was giving you a helping hand did we learn nothing from Earl?
finders keepers losers wheepers!! :tease:

sounds like karma was giving you a helping hand did we learn nothing from Earl?
i loved that program but because it started to go on later and later i missed half of it :cry:
I'd have kept it too!
Its their own fault if they didn't have their name on it! lol!!!


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