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May 11, 2008
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Went for my 25 week appt which lasted all of 4 minutes. Seriously.
BP, wee wee and LO heartbeat were all ok but my gp kinda just rushed through things and didnt even ask how i was feeling or anything (cow).

Anyone else feel like their antenatal appts are a bit of an anti climax?
ah sorry hun, midwifes/gps can be horrible! :(
I like it when they are short and sweet. It makes me feel good that everything is going smoothly. She should've at least taken the time to ask how you were feeling. Some drs have no bedside manner. How are you feeling?! =)
So sorry to hear your appointment didn't go as well as you had hoped. I'm actually very fortunate to have a good doc.:hugs:
Thanks for asking Beltane!
Well for the last few weeks i have been feeling a bit down and worried about birth and stuff but I spoke to my mum (I practically broke down in tears whilst watchin TV the other day so I think she kinda guessed i wasnt feelin great!)
I just want the months to speed up so I can pop LO out and maybe then stop worrying so much!
mine was really rushed as well hun, my mw had a bit of cold. she didnt seem concerned that i keep fainting and had ketones, and i had to remind her to test my as well lol. if she's like it next time i'm seeing someone else as i had a really good mw with my first baby and she hasd me involved in every class going etc. and the mw i had start of this preg has left to goto another practice.
as you get further on i'm sure you'll have more to talk about...
My doctor is quite a big girl so I think id have trouble tackling her lol!
Hopefully my 28week appt will be a bit less rushed
I havnt met my midwifes in the gps surgery yet they are erally nice in the hospital and ask you everythihg and make you feel at ease. But i except that from a gps as with normal appointments they cant wait to get you out and on to the next one.
my appts are always short and sweet...you have to know what questions to ask because they are not going to tell you anything!

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