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Feb 20, 2007
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I have been considering getting a Clearblue Fertility Monitor to help with the TTC as i think it may help. Also might confirm if i am ovulating or not because i dont get on with the OPKs on their own.

I was just wondering if anyone had one or had used one and what they thought of it. Its just that it costs about £100 and its a lot to spend if its not very effective.

I have not been charting or really worrying about it for the last couple of months and was told that "it will probably happen when you are not thinking about it" (lol) but it has been 10 months now and nothing. I know thats not long compared to some but i just want to be reassured that i am ovulating and thought a fertility monitor may just help with the timing as am assuming we are not bd'ing at the right times.

Wish i wasnt so impatient but cant help it :blush: :cry:
Look on ebay there is a brand new one in box for £63 plus £7 p&P on buy it now.

Don't know how good they are. I used first response monitor and got pg without trying (using temps). All i can say is i got mine off ebay for £65 (rrp £100) BNIB.
oops forgot to say, just stick fertility monitors in search
Thanks Caroline :D

Just thinking this may be a better way than me staring at a stick in all angles and different lights trying to find a second line!!!:rofl:
have u checked there web page?www.clearblue.info/uk/FertilityMonitor.cfm
Yea looked at that .. thanks though hun.

I think it looks pretty good but then again they arent going to say its crap are they lol. And i trust all of your opinions and value your opinions so thought i would ask and see what good/bad experiences you guys have had with them. I just dont want to buy it if others think it is a waste of time and money.

We arent at it like rabbits all the time you see so need to know if we are at it at the right times or not .. maybe thats our only problem :blush:
:rofl: Trinity.

I know with first response if you use opk's and monitorCM and input that it improves reliabiltiy

*makes note to self buy opk's when start using again*

I was actually using mine for contraception, worked for a year :rofl:
I nearly bought a monitor but its sooo pricey :dohh:

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