Film Reccomendations :D

god ive no bn 2 the cinema in ages!!!!! last thing i seen was the new xmen!!!(which was fabby btw)
Thought i'd add my 2 cents to this...

we saw World Trade Center and it was brilliant, a really fitting tribute, and very poignant...don't go if you're hormonal though :)
I really want to see World Trade Centre but i'm permanently hormonal!!! :? :lol:

We watched Snatch last night, i'd never seen it before, was really good!

And i love Big Fish, made me cry but was so amazing!

Haven't seen anything at the cinema recently... but I love having Film4 & sky movies!

My fave film is Girl, Interrupted... relate to it so much! lol! :shock:

aww i wanna see world trade centre but i want 2 w8 till it sbeen out 4 a bit so wen i go its wuiet n i can blub!!! my all time fav film is liar liar!!1 i love it
i realyl want to see te world trade center film the last thing i saw ......... OMG i cant rember was it that long ago??????? ohh i need to get out more
I'm not too if I could watch it!!! :?
Must have been ages since we went to a cinema - definately before Matthias was born :(
That new one with thingie and wotsit in is supposed to be good....

Hold on...

Leonardo Dicaprio and Jack Nicholson

Sorry had to ask OH, am terrible with names!
Yeah, that's it.

Can someone post on the Date, Hump or Dump post cos I wanna put Jack Nicholson up next. :lol:
We just sat and watched the Da Vinci Code on DVD (brother works at blockbuster so we cheated and got it a day early! lol!)

Wasn't as bad as the critics said, but would still say read the book don't watch the film... am such a bookhead!!

I wanted to finish the book before i saw the film...then got bored of the book and forgot all about it...

The last film we saw was the Superman film, we took was OK, not as good as the originals in my book :wink:

I wanna see the one they are advertising at the mo 'The Guradian' as well as 'The Trade center'.....although I am sure I will ball my eyes out at the latter!!
we went to see the history boys tonight, one of the best films ive seen in ages. funny, intelligent, and made you think,def recommend to everyone!
:D im hoping to see World Trade Centre Very very soon !!!!!!!!! (and im not saying how)

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