first birthday parties??


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Sep 1, 2006
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i was just wondering if its bad manners to have a birthday party potluck???

i was making a list of people to invite to alexis' birthday and just from family and close friends there are about 50 + people...i can't afford to feed that many lol, so is it rude to ask everyone to bring potluck???

also do any of you have any good ideas for parties?? i think its going to be a dora theme...but thats pretty much all i know haha
sooo i guess its a bad idea and no one wants to tell me?? :cry: ahh lol j/k but if it is a bad idea still tell me pleeeease so i know???
Do you mean bring a little something for the food table??
:oops: sorry ...yeah potluck is where everyone brings something like a dish to eat :oops: lol
If it's family & close friends I would certainly ask ....

I think it would be a case of generally saying there is x many people invited & how you would appriciate an little party extras if they can although with family I would ask outright & note what they are bringing so you can wipe it off your list!!
i didnt do anything for ewans first birthday!
half the family is up in scotland so it was a bit difficult we just had a quite day at home, will do more as he gets older
it is mostly family and close friends coming, so i don't think they will be too offended, cuz i have a pretty big family and not a huge amount of funds :) especially with her birthday being so close to christmas...thats why i was thinking this anyways :D so i will do that wobbles, and be tactful for the not so close people, and just ask my family :) i'm sure they won't care i just didn't want to come across rude lol

and hypnorm, i don't blame you for not having a big party for your son, i think the only reason i am doing this for alexis is because the baby is coming a couple weeks after her birthday so i'm afraid she will think its all about him for a little while, so i want something big for her :)
i just had a wee tea party sort of thing at my muns for chloe, my mum arranged it all, and paid for it all(mmm all marks n sparks 2!!!) was gr8!!!
ahh i wish my mom would pay for it all lmao but too close to christmas i would feel bad asking her...but she is helping me out with some of the costs so thats brilliant of her :D gotta love moms 8)

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