First Home MW Call Monday


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Aug 31, 2006
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Hiya :hi:

I was just wondering what happens when they visit your home the first time?

is this your booking in apoointment?

Think so ...

I seen her a couple of week ago to sort my dating scan that was it.
i think she will just got through your family history, what to exoect, what you want out of things etc,

its just genraly a big chat, really informal and friendly

When do they do these blood tests that someone mentioned they get on first scan appointment?
im not sure really, it depends on how they work things up there,

I get seem every 4 weeks, i will be having my downs blood test on the 6th july and then another full blood count at 24 weeks (i think)

Have you got a hospital apoointemnt lined up for 16 weeks?

I got my bloods done at 16 weeks. With the home visit it is like Layla said, just asking questions about family history etc, previous pregnancies. I really liked my home visit.
Have no appointments with hospital - Should I be asking about that?

One thing I realised was they were suppose to repeat my lupus test & they haven't but when I say 'they' not sure who that was but the MW had told me when they helped me & got me a consultant for MCs that he had asked for it.
Oh home visits, that nice I always had to go into clinic to see my midwives.

Yeah basically they start filling our your maternety notes which you then keep for the duration of the pregnancy, you take them with you to all future apointments, and for when you actually go into labour. It records all your meetings, info on your urine/blood tests and blood pressure etc info on bub ie heattbeat, movements etc. Also history on all previous pregnancies. Family history for you and OH, and contact detaild for you and OH, so if your in hospital and they need to contact OH they have details. Just make sure they are up to date, or like me they will phone your old house at 6 in the morning and wake the new occupants to tell them your in labour lol!

You will also be told if your going to be midwife or consultant led care. Generally you will be midwife led care and this means that you will only have appointments with your midwife (in some cases also your GP) You will be consultant led care if they feel you need extra monitoring or discussion on specific requirements or type of care. So you only have hospital appointments if your consultant led or if you have any complications or go over due.
I had to go into the doctors to see my midwife too, but I first met her at 8 weeks and thats when she started filling out my maternity notes. Granted that there wasnt much to fill in, but still.
You're lucky if you get a MW visiting you at home, I have to go on a 20 min bus ride to see mine.
It starts getting more 'exciting' after around 20 weeks when they discuss labour etc: My MW just had that discussing with me on Wednesday-
One thing I dont really understand though and Im wondering if anyone else would be kinda baffled by this remark; Although I do agree with what she said to some degree, I was told that if I suddenly go into labour whilst out shopping, Im not to call an ambulance but they would expect me to make my own way to the hospital, ie: cab/car- something to do with emergency ambulances being for 'emergencies'.
Was anyone else told this?
If it's your first child and you havent got a clue whats happening to you, you wouls naturally dial 999.
We dont get home visits till after baby is born here!
With the booking in its pretty much what the girls have said they go through family medical history, they took my bloods and BP last yr at the appt and booked my 12 week scan!
Same as Sophie, we don't get home visits until after baby is born

but just general chat and history ect....
they scrutanise ever corner n room for dust and......(lol jokin....)

i nvr had a home visti for my 1st visit!!! u must b a snob!!!

hee hee, its pretty borin 4 ur bookin im afraid, just qs on past health,pregnancies,allergies problems(medical) within family etc
I was told the same thing. Labour is not seen as an emergency - unless there is something wrong, or it is progressing very fast. So if you are in ordinary labour you are expected to make your own way there. The labour ward will be your first contact by phone and they will advise you when to come in, so you should call them and not 999.
LOL Louise hun you would need an ambulance if you go into labour unless something is wrong, dont worry it rarly progresses that quick. When my SIL went into labour my brother took her out to buy some DVDs and they went to Mamas & Paps to buy a car seat! this was after her waters had broken and contractions were regular. Who was it on this site that went for dinner at pizza hut whilst in labour?

Emergency services are pushed enough without taking labouring woman to hospital. If you or your OH dont drive its suggested that you make arrangements with a neighbour or friend to drive you in once your hitting established labour. But tbh chances are once your contractions start you will be sitting round a fair bit before you decide to go in to hospital. I was having contractions 5 mins apart for about 20 hours before I decided to go to hospital and get checked out.
i got a taxi to hosp :D 3 times lol, was sent home 1st time wi callum!
I had my MW come to the house the first appointment with maddie, thats cause i was at the "witches" house and was quite ill after that i have always gone to hospital ...

With my history and problems i am high risk consultant lead care, that was established att first appointment so i never actually see my MW as i am under 2 diff consultants at warrington.

You will have bloods taken, tested for iron levels, liver salts etc basically full routine bloods which will also test your immuine system ... and also to see if you will require anti-D depending on yours and Stu's blood types.

Louse, even when i was PG the first time and was on my own i know the last thing you do is dial 999, you labour will not progress that quick hun tis your first i was in hospital when i was induced but you always have a back up ie friend, taxi etc ....

Good luck on Monday Wobbles.

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