first scan tomorrow

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Nov 28, 2006
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I got my first scan tomorrow and im excited but scared at the same time if tat makes sense!:wacko: im just praying that they find a healthy little heartbeat this time as when i went for my scan 2 years ago it turned out to be my worst nightmare!
My man and mum wants to come too. My sister cant be without my mum at the moment so my mum has been staying round there 24/7 and my sister is now driving up to see my mum tomorrow. I know I sound selfish but I may not want to see my sister if the scan doesnt go well as it would be like rubbing salt in the wound.

Ive got a good feeling about this one as I do actually feel pregnant this time and hopefully the slight bleeding was to do with my cervix.

Will keep you posted. x
Aww good luck for tomorrow hun .. sure everything will be fine .. let us know how it goes :hugs:
Good luck sweetie ...

hope it all goes well!
Everything was fine. I saw the flickering heartbeat and they said to go back for my 12 week scan. :happydance: I saw the midwife in the morning and she took 3 lots of blood and has really bruised my arm!

After my scan, I was happy until my friend rang me to tell me her dad passed away that morning. She didnt want to tell me as I was pregnant so now im celebrating and being sad at the same time.:cry: :happydance:
I am so glad yoru mind has been put at ease :hugs:

Sorry about your friends Dad though :(

Glad the scan went well hun and your mind has been put at rest.

But sorry about your friend's dad though .. harsh.

Thats great news so glad ur scan went well
sorry about ur dads friend:hugs:
SO glad everything went well with the scan babe!!! That is brilliant news!

Sorry about your friends dad! :hugs: x

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