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Mum of 2 pg with no3!
Sep 4, 2006
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Im goin on holiday in 2 weeks time an im worried about flying, does it affect a pregnancy does anyone know??
Its bloody typical that i happen to fall pregnant the same time i am goin away, happy about it all the same but still worried!

thanks if anyone can help!
They do say that if you have any blood loss then don't fly because of insurance, but once you in second trimester should be fine.
ive just found this on bbc and looked on various others an all say the same so i should hopefully be ok!

Flying during pregnancy

Are there any problems arising from flying during any stage of pregnancy?

https://www.bbc.co.uk/parenting/furniture/qanda_a.gifExpert Dr Gill Jenkins replies

Throughout most of your pregnancy, travel, whether by air, sea or road, isn't a major problem as long as you allow for certain factors.
In early pregnancy, nausea is common, and you should expect travel sickness to be worse than usual. Go prepared with a bottle of water, small snacks to prevent your blood sugar level from dropping too low and a vomit bag for emergencies.
A better time to travel is in the middle trimester, when your risk of complications such as miscarriage has also dropped, although your growing size may make an aeroplane's cramped seating uncomfortable.
Most airlines won't take pregnant women past 32-36 weeks, even on short-haul flights of two hours, simply because the risks of complications and delivery increases and the aircraft cabin doesn't make an ideal labour ward. You'll also find your travel insurance won't cover you late in pregnancy, usually from around 32 weeks.
Generally, however, when you're travelling (and there is no evidence to suggest air travel is riskier than other means), the biggest risks result from cramped seating and dehydration. Pregnant women are more likely to develop deep vein thrombosis and these factors will increase the risk.
You must be aware of the need to do simple frequent calf exercises during the journey, including getting up and walking every couple of hours. Avoid alcohol, which dehydrates, and keep up your clear fluid intake.
Unless you're happy to risk a long stay and eventual delivery in a foreign country, avoid travel in the last trimester.
Congrats Sophie, just noticed you're expecting!yipee :happydance:
some airlines ask you to sign a form .... (ryan air and thompson)

should be ok though its after 28wks they say no

some airlines ask you to sign a form .... (ryan air and thompson)

should be ok though its after 28wks they say no


:hugs: Thanks hun hope ur ok!
congratulaitons hunny on your pegancy

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