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Discussion in 'Single Parents' started by Kris0309, Oct 29, 2008.

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    Well the fob my then boyfriend broke up with me when i was 3 months pregnant for his ex who hates him. So we continue to see each other on and off to try and keep some sort of relationship for the baby but he would always give me a hard time but about 2 weeks ago i had my gender scan so it was so important to me and he was suppose to pick me up and never did he lied and told me i never said that when he text me the night before sayign he would be at my house then he showed up at my appointment which i just let go and didnt care cause i wanted to enjoy my day. So a week later i had a regular appt. tellign me how the results from the secohnd trimester test came out were and once again he was suppose to take me and once i again he stands me up and doesnt even pick up his phone when i called. So my mom took me. And he continues to tell me how much he loves me and wants to be with me . But will not ask me back out. He just wants to come over late at night to fall asleep with me and thats what he calls spending time with me. So i ended that along time ago but this past week he keeps saying he wants to see me and be with me and im the only person that means anything and then he sends me a message on the phone saying how he needs $160 to pay his car payment by tomorrow. I dont know what he wants me to do. I have no job Im 5 months pregnant and just saving money for the baby Imnot supporting him too. and i told him to ask his family. and he was gettign all mad and told me to go f*** myself and how im a lier and if i want to see him to ocntact him cause he isnt talking to me anymore and he doesnt care if i go after him for childsupport. ughhhh he expects me to just drop everything for him. And god forbid i bring out how he left me 3 months pregnant and he gets so defensive. Im so tired of this. All he does is come in and out of my life and aggravate me. I just hopes he wont do this to our son.
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    I didnt want to read and run,
    :hugs: to you and bump, he isn't worth you getting upset about.... fair play to you on not helping him..he should be helping you. and no way should he be letting you down at appointments thats unfair....maybe soon he will realize what he is doing and how is acting.... dont take no shit!


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