Funny Taste and headache ....


Aug 31, 2006
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I have a metal taste in my mouh and a bad head ...

Is this anything i should be concered about and call my MW for??

the taste is discusting tis a Tinny metal taste ohhh i can't discribe it apart from it being gross!!

metal taste is normal and can occur from 3 weeks pregnant

headache is also normal and again can occur early, occasionally, along with other symptoms it can indicate anaemia

You can take paracetamol without hurting baby but don't take any of the other drugs you can get for headaches, a cool flannel may also help, and being in a dark room and trying to sleep

The taste I'm not sure if anything can get rid of it, but theoretically citrus should calm it a little

Hope this helps x
Just keep an eye on the headaches hun, if it doesn't go with paracetamol then ring the midwife and ask them to do your BP (Pre-eclmpsia)

Not sure what the metal taste is, i bet its awful
Hum headache i worry about anyways dur to what happened earlier this year ..

The taste is horrible!

Robs mum has been complaining of a metal taste recently (shes not pg btw) she says its due to a vitamin deficiency...

Edit, its a vitamin b12 or zinc deficiency
hun try and rest and drink lots of water for the headache, and maybe go and see your mw about the metal taste with regarding vitamins deference like arcanegirl said
I get headaches all the time. Some times I go a few days without one, but when I get it, it's here to stay for atleast a week at a time. The metal taste you say you have, are you sure your gums arent bleeding? because bleeding gums also taste like you have been sucking on a penny- not like I suck on pennies very often lol, but you know what I mean.
Next time you get this weird taste, spit it out and see if theres any color to it because for the last month or so, my gums have been so swollen, gone really soft and always bleed.
Nah not bleeding,

Will mention it tonight when i go in for monitoring ... forgot the past day or 2 lmfao

I'm sure its nothing for you to worry about. I mean I have raging headaches sometimes, so much so that they make me wanna puke. I told 3 dr's about it, they all claimed it was normal, sop hey ho, I kinda just 'let it be' :)
I didnt just have a headache earlier this yr it was something more serious so i have to be careful with headaches ...

Just down to tiredness i guess at the mo ...

Towards the end of my friends pregnancy she had such bad headaches all on one side and all down her face she could hardly move .. just had to lie in a dark room but couldnt even lift her head at all. Doctors never found anything wrong with her although was very worrying at the time and then they just disappeared. Lasted about 2 weeks when she was about 8 months pg.

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