God dam parrots !!!

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by 1st_baby, Oct 2, 2008.

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    I own a Jardine's parrot , hes 5 years old and is the biggest pain in my arse lol

    Munch-a-bunch is a great bird ...when hes sleeping lol I got him and hand fed him myself so im mommy for sure ..ever since he hit 2 years old hes become a possesive falcon like bird lol he will go to great lenghts to attack hubby so we make sure those two dont mingle .

    Now he def wont be anywhere near max but hes so f#$%^ing loud ..he screams when the baby is crying or is sleeping which in return wakes max up and I get angry and yell at the bird and what dose he do " go to your rooom" is what im told arghhhh

    Ive thought of getting rid of him but I just cant I hand fed him when he was just a big ol bald bird with big feet ..Now i cover him but i feel bad for him

    anybody have any ideas what i can do ?

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