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Jan 31, 2008
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Just wondering if since posting your birth story on here have any of you gone back & read it again??

I just read mine again & shed alot of tears. Its amazing what you forget 7 weeks on
No, I prefer not to. I tried reading the birth notes from my MW, and I just am so not ready to face it.
I have and it's only been 5 days! I'm proud of my birth story, I wouldn't have had my labour any other way
I read mine it brought back many happy memories but made me broody again too lol xXx
i always think back to my birth story and think of the first time I saw her..... awwww!!
Yes! And she's only a week old!

Even though it was soooo long,it was by far most adventurous,exciting days of my life! So I love my birth story :D
I have it saved on my pc too...
I haven't looked back to my one on here, but I did rewrite it on my journal.
It upsets me. I love my little man more than anything on this earth, but his birth still gets me irritated.
Yeah read what i wrote but would love my Notes. There's lots of things i've forgotten, like how much blood i lost etc
I'd rather not remember the labor and delivery unfortunately :(
i think il read mine again i never thought of doing that i get all emotional with births now cos i think of it as such a happy and amazing experience, i was watching a programme on people giving birth the other day and i was crying lmao xxx
Yep although mine wasn't the finishing thing, we're doing a proper one to stick in a file for when Thomas is older :)
just read over mine but i didnt really write much info because it all happened in 25minutes from start to finish!
I dont think I posted mine here, but I think about it all the time, it wasnt what I wanted, well I dont think anyone would WANT an emergency c-section !!! Like I said it wasnt what I wanted but it must have been what Dec wanted cus he wasnt willing to come any other way!!!
Like I said it wasnt what I wanted but it must have been what Dec wanted cus he wasnt willing to come any other way!!!

I think Ally must've wanted his too, he went as far as to get his head stuck so he didn't have to come out normally! Actually, I don't think he wanted to come out at all. The surgeon had to yank him out so hard that LO had a bruise the shape of a handprint on his back.

Don't really want to think about mine too much so I won't be reading it. I have asked OH a few questions about what he remembers about it all, it's all a bit hazy to me and I didn't know things about what happened running up to the c-section or immediately after.
ah im kinda glad i had a emergency c section in the end as he was 8,15 born and im only tiny lol but it was very scarey at the time xx
prompted by this thread i did...

1. i hadn't thanked anyone for their congrats! oops, apologies...(i'd never gone back to the thread before just now!)

2. it's very matter-of-fact and lacks emotion

3. sounds negative, detached

maybe i should edit a version of it this week, two months on...still keeping the original. no one i know has read it either, and i don't know what they'd make of it...
thank you original poster, sorry i can't remember who it was, it has shown me how far i've come, and how i'm much better than i was at the time of the birth, emotionally and physically...i think i'm on the mend :cloud9:
I wonder if we wrote our birth stories again now, without reading the original, how different they would be. i might do it, just to see how differently I feel now!
That's a good idea!!

I think mine would now concentrate less on the negatives & more ob the good /funny parts like farting in the docs face :) Arghhh good times!!
I'm with the others that don't want to read it, i hated my experience and still everyday i think about it and why certain things happened. I feel cheated and it still almost brings me to tears. I will get over it i guess.

I know the most important things is my lil angel is ok but that goes without saying its what every mom wants.

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