Going to Ascot ladies day

miss maternal

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Nov 28, 2006
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Im off to ascot thursday and looking forward to dressing up and have hired a hat. :howdy:

Im not really into horse racing but going for the experiance. Can anyone give me some tips on betting or put me on the right track?
awwwwwww lucky you :(
my long life dream is to be a jockey :blush: but havent got a clue where to begin or how to get into it, if you talk to any ask them for me :lol::lol:

hope u have a wicked day and take a pic of your lovely hat ;)
at least your the right height to be one! :rofl:

No idea on the betting but hope you have great day :D
well it might be something im good at :rofl::rofl: and yeah im the right height and wont grow any either :rofl::rofl:
Do you know how to ride a horse? best place to start is maybe going for weekly rides and go from there.
nope :rofl::rofl: hoping to maybe start though when colby is big enough and get the girls into it aswell though will be a girly day out every week lol
Tis fun, ive done it a few times. Really gives you a good workout too.
I have only ever rode a donkey!:rofl: but im the right height too weester.
All good things come in small packages, but then theres poison!!!
No betting tips im afraid .. i always go for the one in the nice coloured jersey :rofl:

Hope you have a brill time hun.
I go riding every week, i get paid to excersise some hunting horses. I love it, been riding 17 years.

If you want to be a jockey!! you will have to be able to ride a horse using a racing saddle and have no fear what so ever, and a mentally insane need for adrenaline!

I am very jealous of you going to ascot, i would love to go!!!

We took alana riding 2 weeks ago and she loved it, so when she is of age to know whats going on were going to get her a shetland pony and im going to loan a horse until i can afford to buy one

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