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got my bfp


pregnant with #4
Aug 9, 2008
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Well ladies im here to let you all know i got my bfp i took a test sept 27th day after my golden bday and i seen a faint line well on the 28th took a fred and 2 lines, i took another one the 29th and line got alot darker, i had the doc do a blood test due to to me having a up comming electvive knee surgery oct 10th and found out at 12dpo my hcg is 77, which is good we caught the pg very early wish me luck for a sticky , thanks ladies and i wanted all of you to know somthing .

i was told 5 months ago i sufferd from unknown secondary infertilty the doctor told me i wouldnt every ovulate or have af on my own and that i would need clomid and provera well i only tried that one month 5 months ago and since then i got my af all on my own and started using opk just this month , ladies i want you to all know this story dont ever give up on your dreams the day the doctor called me and told me i probebly would never have another baby again i was crushed but god answered my prayers yes i have 3 lil ones now and i was also told after my son i had to take clomid to get pg well the month we said no more and gave up the clomid i got pg with them this is a miricle and i want all of you to know you all have a miricle waiting for you, too dont ever give up no matter how stressed you get our upset i found hope in all of you ladies here you are my insperation you all where here for me when i was upset mad our even happy, you answered a ton of my ?s i had you all are the best thank you for everything , i will update in my journal how its all going good luck to all of you ,
I'm so unbelievably happy for u! Congrats hun and have a very healthy & happy 9 months! :happydance:
thank you so much, wish you the best hun, good luck
CONGRATULATIONS! Looking forward to seeing you over in 1st trimester!

congratulations! have a happy and healthy pregnancy!
that is awesome news! congrats, and have a happy and healthy pregnancy! xo
Congrats!! You sure showed the docs ;)
:yipee: ur annoucning it, wonderful news. Hope u have a happy and healthy 9 months. XXX
Know i've said it before. but Congratulations again preg buddy!!

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