got to go to hospital tomorrow


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Sep 14, 2006
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i had a call from my consultant at the hospital tonight, the results have come back from the double test i had done last week and the AFP levels are too high for this stage of pregnancy. i have to go in tomorrow afternoon for a detailed scan which my consultant will talk us through.
let you know what happensxx
Muffin - Thinking of you hun :hugs:

Hope everything goes ok, take care :hugs:

just got home, there doesnt appear to be any sign of spina bifida(heads the right shape, spine appears to be intact), consultant said that the placenta is bigger than it should be for this stage of pregnancy which is whats caused the high AFP count, as the baby is alittle small. They are taking me back under semi hospital care for now, and have said that unless baby shows more growth 30wks plus then i'll have to be monitored from that point onwards.

On the good side, bump didnt stop moving and was really really active which was fantastic to see, chubby cheeks and a peachy bum were just the best things to see!! we were hoping it would do a couple of star jumps so we could have a glimpse at the boy/girl question!!!
Well some good news then! Hopefully you just wont have the squeese out a whopper! Plus on the good side you may get to have regular scans to see lots more of your bub.
Glad all was ok. Sounds like your little one is a bit of a performer!
soz wasnt on 2 wish u luck hun, glad all seemed ok, n sounds like a wee boy lol showin off :p:p ;)
Glad it was ok hun xxx

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