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Had To Go To Hopsital Today

Spunky Cupkake

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Sep 14, 2006
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Well had a routine exmaination in the house today by my midwife and when she was pressing on my tummy i was in pain even when she was trying to listen to baby it was hurting so she phoned our hospital for me to be examined which i was and i think my midiwfe had been to rough also the baby was in an awkward position so the midiwfe in the hospital said i was ok baby was fine i was worried as when my midwife measured me i was measuring 28 wks and im only 26 i dont know she said everything is ok but im worried now that i will have a large baby thought id let you all know

spunky xxx
Maybe bubs had a little growing splurt :wink:

Glad everything else was ok though x
glad everything went ok i thought midwife r suppose to have soft hand!
Not always at my alst check every time m/w pressed on baby she kicked her back in disgust.

Glad everything ok spunky. My ds measured big for dates and in the end he just arrived early at 36 weeks weighing 5lb 14
So glad everything is well hunny :D

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