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Sep 1, 2006
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i know this is a bit odd posting this on here but im looking for some advice :lol:

weve had this hamster for about 6 months now it was given to us by a little boy who was alergic to it and he only had it for 2 weeks. We still dont know how old it is and i know they dont live very long too.

Its been acting a bit strange latley over the past 3 weeks or so, waking during the day and nawing on the bars and tipping its house up side down and wrecking the cage. It pulls the water bottle off and its just going a bit loopy i think.

tonite OH was petting it and it bit him and drew blood :shock: so now ima bit worried incase Adele sticks her finger in or something.

i feel terrible and ive asked around to see if anyone will give him a better home but no one wants it :( but i dont know what to do with it, im not sure if its bored and thats why its wrecking its cage all the time or if its on its road out?

he doesnt seem unwell and hes eating plenty and drinks a fair amount when hes not pulling the water thing off

so any ideas on what this hamster is doing?

many thanks in advance
PML a naughty hampster. :rofl:

Put it up out of the kids reach somewhere? - Also a fish tank you can make its home in there so the kids can't put their fingers in that way. :wink:
Ill happily take him in if you still want to rehome him.
You can get some really nice hamster cages that only have bars on top and the sides and base are plastic.

My hamster's been going a bit wild lately. Keep pulling on his water bottle. It could just be your hamsters hormones changed? lol. Perhaps he'll settle down soon.

Hamsters generally live 2years ,but they say the same thing about gerbils and most of mine lived til 3 yrs ^_^

Is your hamster looking ok generally? Good clean coat? Shiny eyes? Eating well?
Now just to get rid of the kids that wreck your home :lol:
:shock: :shock:

my kids dont wreck it its me who wrecks it :lol: :lol: just joking :lol:
good thing is get to meet AG 8) and hopefully get a cuppa too :p :p

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