has this happened to any before

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by ayesha, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Jun 3, 2009
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    Okay so i did two test today just cause i felt something was wrong i got the clearblue and it came out saying pregnant less than 30 sec than later i did two lines no name brand from wal-mart and the line was darker than the control but not as dark from a few days ago should i be worried has this happened to anyway else?
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    Don't worry. You're urine may be diluted. You shouldn't use hpt as a means to see how the pregnancy is progressing. It's just there to pick up the hcg. The only instances where the line may disappear is during a chemical pregnancy since one doesn't have such high hcg levels before the period starts.

    I would only begin to worry if began to cramp really really bad and bleed heavily.


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