Hello symptoms (looks around)….where r u?

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by toch1402, Jan 23, 2011.

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    I am a complete 2ww symptom spotter……but not much to spot this month?! :wacko: :shrug:

    I am on cycle 8 ttc and currently 10dp. I have endo and I’m very lucky that my cycles have been very regular since I came off Cerazette in June. For the last 4 months have temped and used OPK which are pretty much text book and all good signs that I have ovulated.

    Not sure if it is the endo or just pms but I always know that af is coming because I start cramping and get really painful boobs (sometimes having to wear a sports bra at night to give them support). I get the pain and cramps for about a week before af is due.

    But this cycle…… nothing……temps are a bit up and down but all still in post ovulation phase – although 6dpo I dipped below coverline and was close it 2dpo and 9dpo and I do feel a bit crampy but I wonder if I would notice if I wasn’t looking for it and boobs are completely normal.

    There were a couple of hicups this month which could have had an effect – went to doctor day before expected LH surge as thought might have slight thrush – she agreed and so gave me a pessary and cream. The doctor and I looked at my charts and decided that I should use the pessary that night as I was expecting my surge the next day. So I used the pessary and did get my surge for the next two days and so did the deed the days of the surges and also the day after my temp shot up.

    FF has confirmed that I ovulated as I had three day high temps but I then got a very short sick bug early on 3dp so maybe ovulation was delayed or maybe I didn’t ovulate at all – although the signs suggest I did but maybe high temps were due to the bug?

    I am not sure what advice I’m looking for – just needed to write it all down. I know that in two days I will know if I am out (as have LP of 12 days) but hey, you know what the waiting is like!

    Thank you for reading (my essay!) and any views or comments would be much appreciated.

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    I am the same way; actually I am glad you asked because I wanted to post my symptoms too- I guess just to write them down for my own clarity:)

    I am 4dpo today and here are my symptoms:

    cramping and O pain since yesterday- almost constant since last night like a period but only on my one side

    hungry/ but aversion at the same time

    The difference this month is that I have these cramps; I didn't have those other months this early so who knows.......

    TWW Sucks! :growlmad:


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