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Oct 24, 2006
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I'm Kina, 24 and live in Devon with my DH, Matt, and near 10 month old baby girl, Ella. I am expecting our 2nd child who is due 2nd April 2007.

I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my LO and we seem to be getting through the horrendous time that was first tri for me and attempting to crawl for her. I'm a stay at home mum and am getting a bit foggy minded so hopefully I'll be starting an OU course next year to keep my mind active! I love Winter and the snuggly nights, curling up after Ella's gone bed with a good film is bliss, I'm sad lol.

I know some of you from another forum so it's nice to see you all but I don't know a lot of you so am looking forward to getting to know you. I'm licking my proverbial wounds at the moment so probably wont post a lot. I'm quite opinionated but have had a bit of a turnaround the past month (amazing what a holiday can do for you!) and realised what's important in life. I can also be unintentionally blunt, but I am sure if I step on any toes I'll be made fully aware!!

Well I've waffled on long enough!
Hi Kina, Welcome!
I know you from the other place, not sure if you know me....
Hiya hun, thought i had lost my fellow nappy head for good :D

Youv'e picked a good place to lick your wounds hun

to be honest i have never known you step on anyones toes or be nasty on purpose

welcome :hugs:
Hi Kina great to see you here! What happened on the other forum ? I never have a clue whats going on!(sorry for being noesy tell me to bugger off if you want to)
hi kina. welcome
congrats on your pregnancy
I can also be unintentionally blunt, but I am sure if I step on any toes I'll be made fully aware!!

We have the private room take it in there when or if ..... LOL

Lovely to see you & bump although I've not seen bump yet :(

Hi Kina - been speaking to you on msn - glad you came to have a look over here!
A fresh start!
Hi hun :hi:

Welcome to the forum!

Enjoy it over here, we are a real friendly bunch and we have a good laugh!

Wishing you a healthy & happy pregnancy xx
Hey Kina

Welcome to "the other side" :twisted:



hello, i was on the other forum 2 but u prob dont no me!!

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