help, anyone had gastritis before?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by x-li-x, Dec 20, 2009.

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    hello all

    ive been ill the last 3 days . constant sickness, pains all over, and just feel crap. ive been sick and retched so much i have these little purple dots all over my face :(
    i couldnt eat all day fri or even move, i had to call my hubby back from work when hed only just managed to get there cuz of the snow and he had to come home as no matter how hard i tried i couldnt even get downstairs to make my sons brekkie i was in so much pain and kept being sick. when he got hom he rang the doc for me as i couldnt even do it and the dctor sugested it could be gastritus as that wat it sounded it would last a fewdays then go, he said to call back if it got worse, i couldnt go in and see him due to the snow so this is why he did a diagnosis over the phone. he did phone my hubby back few hrs later asking him to go to the surgery to collect a pee pot then return with a sample as he thinks another option could be a water infec but once hubby got to the car there was no way he could go cuz of the weather so doc suggested wait until monday and if im not feeling better ring him back.

    anyway fri i couldnt eat anything, move or hardly drink, i spent half the night in tears beacause my legs absolutly killed and my bump hurt from all the nasty retching! then yesterday i felt a little beet was sick much less just felt it , i managed to get out of bed an do bit of laundry and then i managed to eat some tea hubby did 3 chops, veg and wedges, i ate one chope about one wedge and all my veg, but then my belly went all funny and i was completely stuck in bed again and was up most of night last night running to the toilet thinking i was going to be sick but wasnt atually sick. now today i cant get out of bed and im being sick alot again, am all sore and horrible. baby is not helping either with all her moving and kicking but at least i know shes ok.

    anyway just wondering has anyone had this and no what else will help me feel a little better? im feeling so sorry for myself :cry: and want to be well again before xmas, plus i still have wrapping to do.i dont think i need to be pestering the doc on a sunday as i still dont feel as bad as i did fri and can wait until to tomorrow to pester him but at same time i just want to feel better lol xxx

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