Help! Need advice about changing doctors :(

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Love Bunny, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Love Bunny

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    I've moved out the catchment area for my doctors of well, my whole life! So have never had to change doctors or anything :S ! I rang up the surgery that my dad and his family are registered at and asked if they were taking on new patients and the receptionist said no we're not taking any on until mid-september!!!

    I really want to be at this doctors as my dad said they are a really good practice and they are literally round the corner from me aswell! I'm fretting now cause what should be my 25 week appointment is in like less than 3 weeks and I'm so so worried i'm going to be without a midwife/doctors until after that and I REALLY REALLY want to go through my birth plan with my new midwife so we can discuss and prepare everything so its not all last minute. Argh!

    Does anyone know how chaging doctors works??? I'm really panicing because I've been wanting to plan a home birth and I'm scared I won't get one if its not planned far in advance enough and I don't get to say what I want or get to know my midwife :'(

    Please any advice would be great. I'm 22 weeks and I really don't need this stress of finding a damn midwife this late in my pregnancy!!!!!!!

    :cry: x
  2. JayDee

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    How far have you moved? If the answer is not that far you might find your current midwife still covers where you are now, I know the ones near me cover MILES.

    I've changed doctors a couple of times and never had a problem, I guess I've just never tried to go to an over subscribed one. Did you tell them you were pregnant and that your family are already registered there? It might help, you never know.

    Hope you get it sorted soon.
  3. MummyToAmberx

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    Nov 24, 2008
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    Ive changed docs 3 times now, all ive done is gone in asked for the forms to fill in, been given them and been registered.
  4. Love Bunny

    Love Bunny Guest

    Yeah I said my dad and his family are registered there and that he reccomended it and I also said I'm out the catchment area for my old docs AND that I'll be coming upto 3rd tri by the time of my next appointment and she just said: we aren't taking any on until mid sept. And that was that?! :(

    Argh. My current old midwife(S) (which i was shoved around between about about 3 so can hardly say I had a decent enough relationship with any of them!!) are about 2 20 min bus rides (not including waiting time aswell) away so its getting too far and uncomfortable for me to travel :(

    Grrrrr :(
  5. eddjanuary10

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    hi! i totally undserstand how your feeling. i just changed my GP when i found out I was pregnant cos I got married last year and moved house therefore also out catchment area for old GP. Did u explain to the receptionist your circumstances? You could call them back and explain your worries/concerns and ask what their advice would be for you to do.. it may prompt them to double check and re consider! i had to push for the GP i wanted, within the medical centre i go to now there are 4 separate surgeries and I wanted registered at the same one as hubby as his has a good reputation and therefore reassuring. i know its not always poss to get what u want when u want, so if all else fails main thing is u get registered somewhere & see a midwife, you could always try applying at the one you like again at a later stage but good luck with it anyway! happy home birth too! x
  6. pinkclaire

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    Aug 21, 2009
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    Firstly, if your not that far go to your old one! I moved house and had to change midwifes. I phoned the local hospital and they booked me in and just said let them know when I have managed to get a local doctor. I would do this straight away because if anyone is sympathetic to your situation its a midwife. I would be very surprised if they turn you away. If you cant find out, just phone the doctors and find out where your local midwifes are!

    I absolutely HATE doctors receptionist (sorry if anyone is hehe) they are always unhelpful.

    secondly, I would go in there rather than phone, easier to turn you away over the phone. Explain all your family go there, your x amount of weeks pregnant (sorry forgot how many you said you were) and really sont need the stress. Refuse to speak to the receptionist if they still say the same thing(but in a nice not horrid way) and ask to speak to the practice manager. Chances are they will give in over a snotty receptionist!

    Good luck xx

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