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Sep 1, 2006
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Ok i dont know if anyone can help me or not.

My 4 year old has a bad belly at the moment and keeps soiling himself unknowingly. I dont want to put nappies on him as i dont think this would help, but he gets very upset when he does realise what he has done.

I have no medicine here and i dont want to venture out incase he has an accident (that would really upset him).

Does anyone know of anything i should deffinatly avoid feeding him, (till OH gets back) I have been told milk is a bad one as it will aggravate the lining of the stomach, how true this is is beyond me.

Also would Calpol be ok or more to the point would it do anything :?:

Thanks to anyone that replies :lol:
hi hun,

sorry hes poorly :( not sure what to advise tho sorry, im sure calpol will be ok to give him untill you can get him something else, have you been to the docs?

hope he gets better soon

Aw bless him!

I hope he feels better soon :(
Try pure orange juice in boiled water ...

just boiled water ...

Avoid milk ....

Try not to give him calpol unless he has high tempreture ...

Gripe water (when OH can get some)

Let him eat bread, bananas, pasta (or anything with starch in it, will bind stomach content together so it not runny)

Hope he feels better soon ... theres nothing worse than seeing your child sick!!!

Hope this helps hunni ...

Thanks IMI. layla and Wobbles

Dont think gripe water will go down too well but i'll deffinatly try the starchy foods and water bit.

He's perked up a bit and hasn't had another accident in the last 2 hours so fingers crossed. I havent been to the doctors but if he does get worse i'll deffinatly be dragging him down there :D

Thanks again
I'd just give him toast without too much butter and give him plenty of aired waater, not cold water as he could bring it straight back if he has a bug

Good luck x

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