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    hey ladies

    my son is 6 weeks sunday and suffers badly with colic.
    at first he was on aptamil first n hv suggest we change over to the easy digest or the cow n gate comfort.
    now i have him on the aptamil easy digest , we went to thins one as we thought wud be best to try use same brand. his colic isnt as bad, but its no where near better either and the constant screaming it starting to take its toll as i really wanna help him but he seems so unhappy, plus it is tiring . so i was wondering if ne1 has eve rhad trouble with colic and has ne ideas what cud help?

    also do u think i sud maybe try him on the c n g comfort or wud it be pointless as it pretty much the same as the easy digest, or parently so ive herd. im really at a loss n cant see the doc until next week!! their useless!!

    or maybe its not the milk n is literally just the colic, i reli dunno wat to do

    :hug: xx
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    Jan 20, 2008
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    Try facing him away from you, sit his bottom just above your boobs, put your right hand on his chest sort of like you want to wind him but not as high up then lean him forward and rub his back with your left hand. My anties baby is suffering badly with colic and has for weeks. This is the only thing that settles her. Also try standing up holding him facing away from u, one arm between his legs and one across his chest. She has tried infacol, colief drops, gripe water you name it shes tried it and its all useless.

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