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Her feeds confuse me!!


Apr 22, 2008
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OK the last time courtney fed from me was friday and she was on me like fooooorrevver lol!! Will miss the feeling but I think its finished now!! I also think what with the problems eg.. constipation.. colic etc!! Id be better off not mixing anymore!! :shrug:

Anyways saturday I struggled to get 3 lots of 2 ozs down her... (i make up 4oz) but she didnt want it!! Her last feed she was very very sick in which I phoned the emergency doctors cos it was her whole feed! They said see what shes like on her next feed!! (remember my thread about oj and milk)

Well sunday she fed fine! 4oz each feed no problem!! Until the evening!! Got to bout 8.30 and I gave her her 4oz.... then about 30mins later she got what I thought was very colicy and then I decided that maybe she was still hungry and she was... 2 more oz and she was happy :) However she was very very sick on this day!

In the night just 4oz!! But then mondays feeds she had her 4oz and then cried for me... so there I am with a screaming child trying to heat up a second bottle lol!! So today all her bottles have been made up to 6oz which she polished off this morning no problems! So there we go shes now have 6oz's :happydance: hopefully she will have put weight on this week!!

But Im wondering do you think its anything to do with changing her milk?? Also it says 2 months (11lbs) for this amount of feed on the packet?! Do you think its ok... shes only 5 and half weeks and 8lb 7oz!

She is however a very very sicky baby.... the gavsicon is not helping so much with this new milk!! It comes out of her like 3 hours after a feed!! So maybe this makes her more hungry :shrug:
Caitlyn was eating farrrrrrrr too much for where she was at, now she won't drink formula atall and is slowing down her weightgain. Let Courtney guide you, she'll let you know when she's hungry and how much she wants.
cheers hun!! Yeah at least if I make up 6oz she can leave some!! Id rather have some left anyway then I know shes had enough :)

What is she feeding on then?? have you started weening?? My mums friend had to do that at 3 months cos her LO didnt keep any of his milk down!!
Caitlyn has gone back to being a boobie baby! She has been on and off formula for ages but finally she rejects bottles completely. I have started giving her rusks to suck on, which the HV said was fine, but I wouldn't say I'm weaning her yet..
ar congrats on getting her back onto booby!! Im not wanted anymore by courtney she literally throws a tantrum!! She hurts me in the process... scratches my nipples!! :(
Went through that stage.. I actually shouted OUCH at her once. I feel so bad for it but she grabbed my nipple and twisted it! Little minx.

Are you completely done now? No pumping or anything?
Chloe has always had more than the guide says. I dont care, she eats when shes hungry
It sounds kind of like she is having too much throughout the day? Not sure, but since she is getting sick at night it just sounds like her digestive system is on overload by that point.

Good luck!
So what if she is overloaded atleast she's bringing it back up and doesn't pop!
shes not just sick at night... shes sick all throughout the day!! She def has a very sensitive tummy thats why shes on comfort milk!!

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