Her first word!!



Anna says "Muuuuuuum Muuuuuuum .... Maaaaaaaaaa" when she wants picking up hehehe

I was her first word!! :happydance:

I'll try and get a video of it for you - It's the cutest thing ever :cloud9:
Thats so cute! Wow,she's quick...:D

And most important,you beat daddy :winkwink:
That's so exciting!! Sam says dadada all the time but just randomly, not when he wants anything - can't have him saying daddy first :rofl:

6 months already! We need new pics :D x
Oooh good point! I have a new camera as well so taking shots all the time! hehe

I was so impressed; Everyone told me she would say Dada first because it was easier! But earlier me and Dom were talking about what we should do today and he said, "We could phone your mum and see if she fancies coming round" and Anna said, "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum" hahaha Bless - so cute! :cloud9:
Oh wow congrats to little Anna, I hope Jessie says mumma before dadda too lol.
awww! very cute. Hope we can see a video!
i was over when she said maamaa, but shes only said it once whilst ive been here (2days)
ah well done anna i bet ur one proud mamma x
I am :D She rolls over, gets up on all fours (knees and hands) and rocks back and forth, commando crawls, stands in her cot holding onto the bars and teeths on the top bar, and now says mum! So chuffed!

She's my little smarty :cloud9:
she is absolutly the best little girl ever, well, until i have mine ofcource :D

cant believe how much she has grown, giggles and everything,

we put her in her jumper that attatches to the door frame, tash (mum) started jumping ans anna was giggling and jumping at the same time:happydance:
Well done Anna you little genius !!!
Although next thing is walking, hope your ready for it :p
yeah they just gotta hide the wallet and keep the door to the loo closed XD

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