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    So first off, I'm in the US... I should be getting fairly generous maternity leave, but will not be gone more than 3 months I think. I do have job protection that is supposed to guarantee that my position or one of equal or greater pay and responsibilities will be waiting for me when I get back. (my company is giving me more than the legally required time off)

    So... a long time ago my boss mentioned that when I went on maternity leave, that they'd find a replacment and when I came back, I'd be their supervisor and start doing higher level tasks. That has not been repeated since so I'm not counting on it but there has been some hint or implying that I need to start moving up in responsibilities and more has been given to me lately.

    So my boss is having me help sift through resumes to help find someone who can cover for me while I'm gone.

    BUT some of the people he's looking at resumes for are clearly more skilled than me. I was supposed to have a slower rise with more guidance/training/mentoring but the person above me up and quit suddenly and everything fell to me with no notice. So I am definitely lacking in some skills and could use training/help.
    I just don't want to end up hiring what turns out to be a new boss for me :( And part of me knows I could learn a lot from someone with these skills/experience I lack... but part of me feels that all opportunity for advancement would be cut off if someone was hired above me. If I knew they'd be with us for a year, could train me, then I could move up with the skills in a year, I'd be thrilled... but if they come in and stay for years and aren't very good at sharing knowledge/training, then I'm going to be very frustrated and would even have some responsibilities and decision-making power pulled away from me.

    I dont think its very realistic to expect someone to cover for my work, then have me come back and have them essentially have a bit of a demotion.
    Its kind of tough :( I want to do whats best for the company, and I'm not against having someone with more skills than me, I just don't want to lose out on a lot of growth that has been coming my way lately.

    I'm also a little afraid of them hiring a guy then him suddenly getting included in all these meetings I get excluded from... there is a bit of a 'boys club' feel around here :( Half the reason I don't do more right now is that they don't share the knowledge of company plans/activities that are necessary for certain decision-making.

    I know I get away with murder goofing off etc, so I don't want a boss to be breathing down my neck suddenly either, lol.

    ARGH... but I feel like its unprofessional to 'trash' the resumes of people who are more qualified than me just for my own personal interest, lol!

    Anybody have some insight into this kind of situation?

    My boss believes I have a bunch of skills, knowledge and experience with this company that are invaluable and that are irreplacable, but I know from what I've seen throughout my career that nobody is irreplacable.

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