Hitting, pulling hair, biting, screaming!!

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by shaunanicole, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Hey girls,

    it's been a long time since I have posted but I need some serious advice. Ava is going on 15 months old and she has been hitting, pulling hair, and screaming for a while and as of recently has begun biting me (only happened maybe 5 times thus far). She bit my hand when I was changing her diaper, bit my neck after she pulled my hair, and bit my leg a few times.

    I have tried ignoring her, firmly but calmly telling her "NO", I have tried whispering to her and asking her to be nice, I have shown her nice, etc. The only two responses I get out of her no matter what tactic I try is her laughing hysterically and attacking me again. I feel like I have lost complete control of her and I end up giving into whatever she wanted that caused her to behave the way she does. Sometimes when she laughs hysterically at me I can't help but laugh to...even though I know it's horrible but she is so cute sometimes. ARGH!

    Sometimes she hits, screams, pulls hair, and bites for no reason at all. There have been several accounts where I have been playing with her on the floor and talking to her and she came out of nowhere and pulled my hair or hit me in the face. I DO NOT HIT HER so where she is getting this type of behavior I do not understand...

    Is this normal for her age? Possibly a phase in a toddlers life?

    Any advice or tidbits would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! :cry:
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    thats hard love My mates littleone is the same he is horid he grew out of it thank god I think it is a stage they grow through I cant speak from going throug it my self as charlie is only 8 months old good luck x
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    When my lo behaves like that I place her very firmly on the floor faceing away from me/the room and tell her she doesnt bite/hit.

    When she was pulling hair and some hitting we told her to be gentle and that worked after a while

    Cos sometimes she isnt meaning to hurt someone its just not knowing her limits so if I think it was a accident she gets told to be gentle and gets 'be gentle' then if she repeats if you dont be gentle I will put you in time out then she gets time out.
    However if she bites or hits in temper she gets time out straight away.

    She really doesnt do either very oftern but has gone through 2 very short phases on biting (a matter of days) And she hits out occasionally but did so more at about 14-16 months
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    James does the same thing...and i am on my wits end!

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