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Holiday help!


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Nov 7, 2006
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We could do with some advice from anyone who has travelled abroad with a LO!

It's all beginning to feel like a bit of a farce!

Did you take a car seat? Did you hire a car?

Any advice on what to pack, what not to pack???
you should check as alot of countries dont actually require you to have a baby seat for your baby.

when we went to hungary we didnt need one
Ooo Hels where are you going? xx
Went to austria in jan with maddie lala ....

We didn't hire a car and never took a car seat for the plane as you get charge with most airlines ...

I took plenty of clothes and we needed them for her but tbh we found that because she was on solids she ate what we ate ... and the forigners had baby jars lol!

Just don't go mad, but go sensible?? you know what i mean lol

We took toys and her pushchair!

Have fun!
Were going to Bulgaria KX, we have got an apartment there, but it has only just been completed so there will be the furniture but not a lot else, we will have shopping to do to buy stuff like bedding, crockery etc to get it stocked up.

It will be warm, so we have bought Charlie one of them all in one UV sun suits and hat (soooo cute :happydance: ) obviously plenty of sun factor, and we'll have to pack the smallest if her toys, i think ill take some cartons of formula and a few jars of food, but am keen for her to try new foods, as Im sure she will be. (and plenty of dummies!!!)

Im not sure about the no car seat, id be scared silly, I suppose its the norm here,

Thanks Guys...any more advice???????

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