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    I really want to go on a break or a holiday! I feel like all i do is stress out over the littlest things whilst i'm in this frame of mind (have been for about 2months now so tisn't good)

    I gave my OH an iPod, and said he'd buy me 1 for xmas.. Then told me he was thinkin of bookin a weekend in Venice for us but "if you'd like an iPod then that's fine". Grr i don't want one! Don't wana seem ungrateful if he gets me one now though, cause yeah they're great.. but he knows how i feel when people get ideas into my head. I'm one of those people who get an idea in their heads after much thought and don't wana change it no matter what. So for him to tell me about Venice and then greet me with an iPod on xmas day i would actually cry.

    Anyone else feel as emotional as me atm? I really need someone to talk about that understands mild depression before i go insane x

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