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HOLY S***E!!!!


Aug 31, 2006
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I just went and booked a holiday in Austria ....

£900 :shock: :shock:

And im moving next month :oops:

Ah well hope gav likes it, if not im sure i can bring him round ..... i hope!

It was a great Deal .... (So i keep telling myself)

Oh well it's done now .... If i don't see you guys around i've been bumped off for my life insurance policy, Already informed Wobbles she can sell my orgains so unfortunatly you kinda all lost out there.

But hey if im ovulating you can always pinch my eggs :D

LMAO!!! :D :o

*Walks out wondering if i'll be smiling when Gav Gets back from snooker*
Ohhh Good Luck babe, I am sure you can put a smile on his face and make him think it is a good idea :wink: :lol:
Gonna fooking need it .. ..

*Sloaps off to dig out the ameretto bottle* :wine: :muaha:
wowsers i hope he likes it :) i'm sure he will!
Just gonna tell him the full whack during sex ...

That will win him round :D
That's the way to do it :lol:
What u mean Uh OH????

What are u ? a Telly Tubbie???

What is uh oh??? what u done????
:lol: im sure he will love the idea hun wish someone would book me a hol
:shock: You seen LOL

I posted in wrong thread & deleted now you look silly :rofl:
LMAO :rofl: i wondered wtf she was on bout till i seen other thread lol
Sophie just book it then tell em later lol

And thanks for that Wobs .... *Finger* :p

Imi-Maddie's-Mum said:
Just gonna tell him the full whack during sex ...

That will win him round :D

best time to tel men when you have dones something they may not like straight away ehheheheh

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