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Spunky Cupkake

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Sep 14, 2006
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Anyone decided on having a home birth ? i did with my little boy but he had other plans lol
I'd love a home birth - Not advised on your first though apparantly!

You going for this again?
I had been booked to have a home birth with my last pregnancy but unfortunately i lost him at 23 weeks.

My loved the thought of being able to go thru my labour and delivery in my own surroundings and even looked into hiring a birthing pool.

At that point my previous 2 (out of 3) labours had all been relatively easy (well as easy as one can expect) although i had to be induced with my last so wouldnt have been able to deliver at home.

Under the circumstances now I have not really thought about having a home birth purely because i dont think my hubby would be able to deal with the worry - he worried enough before but with my recent history I think we would both feel happier at the hospital. I also now have high blood pressure which was discovered during the birth of my angel baby. I have been taking medication for it ever since so im not sure that the hospital would allow it anyway.

Giving birth at home i feel would be a great experience and I would say if your Midwife is ok with it I would say go for it.

Good Luck

Jen Xx
Its my first and my midwife advised me to have a home birth :? She siad id be more comfortable in my own surroundings and id get all that i wanted from the hospital at home anyway, but i still wanted her to put hospital down! :lol:
This is my first (and is going to be my only) baby and i'm planning on having him/her at home. There's no way i'd go to hospital unless it's essential that I do so
I would love to have a home birth but due to previous labours I am scared to do this. My DS was distressed everytime I had a contraction so it was panic stations with a ScBU on standby and forceps delivery. Found out the cord was pushing against his. My DD arrived very quickly fully dilated to delivered in less than 2 mins, and as a result got cord around her neck so was delivered and wisked away to be resuscitated. I really think it will be hospital birth again All being well I might be able to use the pool early on tho.
Ohhhh I think you are all really brave to comtemplate a home birth, nevermind go thru with it.............I am the bigeest wimp you would ever meet :rofl: so I am going where they have the hardest drugs and the sexiest staff, to keep my mind off things :lol: I would never do it at home incase I had to go to hospital for any reason, the last thing I would want to do is to travel whilst in labour :cry:

Good luck for all you bravehearts!! :hugs: xx
I did the last two without any pain relief but this time I'm contemplating all the drugs I can get :D Its quite bizarre when had dd had forgotton about the pain, but this time its still quite vivid. Still hoping I might just cough and baby pops out :rofl: :rofl: (see previous thread on 3rd pg.)
Ohhhh I had all the pain relief going last time, including TWO epidurals, and they didn't work :cry: So I am adding a tens machine and hypnobirthing to the mix too this time :oops:
Cor blimey what a nightmare , hypnobirthing sounds interesting, you'll have to let me know if it works.
There is just one prob with it...........the longer you practise it the more you get out of it, so I will be starting at around 25 weeks I think!

I should have started before conception to make me feel better about doing it :rofl:

But I will sure be singing it's praises or balling my eyes out about it to ya :wink:
Might be worth giving it a try, but chances are no one will do it out here in the sticks. Maybe if husband gets his way and we have no4 in a few years time it might just have reached us here!

You can get home courses..........you can buy the books which come with tapes, if you are interested I will post a link for you to check out?! xx
That would be great. I'd be really interested. May decide its not for me but would sure like to look into it. They gave me a shot of pethidine with ds to help me sleep and that was horrid it made me feel really spaced out. Gas and Air makes me feel sick, and i don't think I'd have time to have epidural cos when it starts to hurt real bad and I think give me the drugs I'll have anything I get to final stage within 30 mins so its too late. :cry:

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