How Harsh!!!!



I've been chatting to people on Bounty... and someone started an MSN thread and i posted on there....
And someone's just really knocked me down!
Feel really crappy now, i was just trying to chat to people!! :cry: :cry:

I was starting to feel a bit picked i feel like crying, i know its only the internet... but how mean!!!

Bloody Hell! :shock:

How rude of her! :grr: :gun:

Come back here where everyone loves you. :hugs:
Its really silly that i feel so upset over it!
But its really knocked me down!
Probably cos i feel poorly sick as well as hormonal! lol!

Must admit I'm lost - You didn't even start that thread if I've picked up on it right?

Whos that girl calling didgy anyway? Cat? :?
No she's calling me Dodgy! :(
But cos she said does anyone know this Hayley i put that i know Cat off another forum.

What an evil witch!! lol!!

I replied to that but not as I wanted! What a stuck up cow!
what a bitch that girl is...sorry for my language 8) honestly tho was she saying that you are some evil computer virus girl giving everyone who added you a virus so there computer messed up??? what a weirdo :evil:
btw when i posted how did they know my name to put up there?!? weird lol :lol:
Go to your post hun & click where it says 'edit post' there you will find the option to show your username or your real name :wink:
oooh no lol i just didn't think that i'd ever signed up on there i was just wondering where my name came from lol...but i just looked around and saw that i have been on that site before so i think it must have came from there?? lol oh well i will go change it now i think thanks :lol:
I know how rude! Random accusations! lol!
Seems like you girls have put her in her place!! lol!

Thank you all!

Hey (((hugs)))

Just ignore her, my msn always cuts me off, PMSL it cant think quick enough and I had a few windows open anyway so ho hum.

Just wanted to send you big hugs and say lets chat again on msn it was fun :D
We did that already - Your a wee bit late :rofl:

Tbh I found it shocking the way she was! I'd of replied nomatter who that was! Think she got brought down a peg or two!

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