How long do courts stay involved?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by sophiew, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Hey.. im just wondering. Some stuff going on at the moment is probably going to lead to court. I was just wondering... If visitation goes ahead through the courts, when would they step out of the whole situation? Would they ever? Would they only be happy to put up with being in the middle for a few years?

    I mean, what if the mother and FOB don't EVER get on.. You cant force them right? So would courts be happy to be involved til LO is not so little?
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    They'll stay involved as long as they need to.

    You don't have to get on at all, you just need to do whats best for your LO. If things are really that bad, the courts will probably enforce mediation.
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    I think each case differs vastely. It depends on the terms and conditions of the visitation rights. I think, once the courts have set the terms, they back off unless one of the parents appeals or breaks the terms. However, if there is no middle ground sometimes visitation centres are required and this would mean social services would be involved to over see safe visitation, and even more complications if supervised visits are required, and these get reassessed in court. If both parents can agree in court in amicable arrangments (child picked up or dropped of with a friend/relative etc) then the courts wouldnt stay involved.

    It really does all depend on the situation, the parents, the family. Hope everything gets sorted without the court being needed to get involved x
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    with regards to custody until baby is born they cannot make any demands to you about access.
    Once dna is proved fob could take you to court but again that option would be something the courts dont like to get involved in unless you had an agreement to access from the dad and then say moved to another country not in the uk say france or southern Ireland or actively obstruct fob from having access to his child then the courts will get involved.
    Not sure how relevant any of this is to you hope I helped xx

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