How much do I HATE renting?!

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by sparkswillfly, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Alot! I hate living in someone elses house, frightened of breaking things. Killing plants, the dog chewing something or digging massive holes in the back garden. Not actually allowed a dog which has caused us some problems. I have had many an afternoon sat up the park while we had viewings.

    Our fusebox needs replacing because its ancient and we havent had any living room or kitchen lights for about 4 months! I have been using lamps instead of calling the landlord because I am terrified of him coming round and smelling dog or moaning because the gardening isnt up to scratch. I would rather sit in the dark. Well yesterday the envitable happened and all the power went out. Its temporarly back on but Im scared the fuse box is going to blow up so cant really leave it. The landlord is sending an electrican round today but I dont know when or if hes coming to and Bens not home till 5 and I have a dog sitting on the sofa! Ive shut all the curtains and turned the lights off, hiding till 5pm! Its ridiculous. I might just go sit up the park till five but the weathers horrible.:dohh:
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    Does doggie bark? Could you put hi/her in the bedroom and shut the door? What about a neighbour who has a secure garden would they allow him to go sit there?

    Lots of air freshner and cold or not open the windows (doggy smells) they usually arent obvious to you but are to someone walking through.

    Or you could say your dog sitting for x drama reason ;)
  3. He does bark. I might shut him the garden and close the curtains and hope for the best. Somebody should ring before coming round hopefully and Ill just say Im not home till after five. Bloody dog causes me no end of stress

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