How much & how often at 3 weeks old??

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Leanne87, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Hello, never posted on this part of the site before but here goes...

    My son is 24 days old (born march 11th) during the day he takes 5oz (drains) every 3/4 hours. He has his last 5oz feed (dream) around 11.30pm and then sleeps until 7am.

    Sometimes though around 2pm when he has his 5oz feed, 45 mins later he is screaming for more, and takes another 2oz. Is this too much for his age??

    My first son (who is now 3yrs) was on 2-3oz every 3/4 hours until around 5/6wks old.

    Using Sma Gold at present.
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    Nope that sounds fine hun. Fran started taking 5oz at around 3wks old and if she wanted a bit more we would give her it. She also feeds every 3-4hrs and is on SMA xx

    Whenever the HV asked how much/how often and I told her she said that was just fine xx

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