How to begin weaning step by step?

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by KarenLV, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Does anybody know of a good book that gives step by step instructions on weaning?I was going to wait 6 months but Skyler is not gaining weight anymore and he is a very active and lively boy....come to think of it how can the same guideline be given to boys and girls?Anyways....
    I bought one of those Gerber applesauce jars and he loved it.Also gave a banana flavoured biscuit with breastmilk and he basically grabbed my hand to bring the milk faster to his mouth! I think that means he is ready? I feel so. I gave the above items after he was breastfed,so he wasnt starving.
    How many times a day should I give him something else besides breastmilk?
    What times of the day should it be given?
    What should I give? I'm not a good cook,so jars is the option for me. (We have organic HIPP babyfood here)
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    Apr 8, 2008
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    I don't know of any good books but it sounds like he is definitely ready to start on solids.

    I was told to first start with rice cereal as its bland and less likely to cause problems with his stomach. He gets it any time between 1/2 an hour to an hour after his first morning bottle so roughly 7:30am. After being on that for 2 weeks we start giving him fruit / veggies with his late afternoon bottle +- 6pm. So far its working and he is very happy. Not sure when I have to introduce lunch, but I'm taking him for jabs next week so will find out then.
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    I started max on rice first a tiny spoon after each 2 feedings and well he hated it so we went with apple sauce for 1 week to make sure all was fine long as you feed them beginer stuff they should be fine ..just remember to try them for 1 week without mixing this way you know for allergies and what not ..

    Now that max is almost 5 months he gets his cereal (with fruits already init) for breakfast ..
    For lunch its fruits
    around 3 pm he gets a rusk which he sucks on and makes a mess
    and supper he gets vegies

    I started him on meat yesterday tried the lamb & broth ..he loved it but may I add I gagged on the smell ughhh ..well hes doing good so far we'll see how poop looks lol

    Word of advise start slow ..make a list of what you fed him and how he reacted this way you can keep track once you start feeding mixed fruits and vegies .it helped me allot
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    I don't know of any books either, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this website:

    Better than a book, IMHO :)

    For DD#1 we started her with pears. Apples cause runny poopy, bananas tend to do the opposite... Of course added cereal, and by 6 months we were grinding what we were eating to feed her. (This was in 1996).

    As I mentioned to tinytoes in another thread, my mother wouldn't shut up about Sharlotte needing a little more in her tummy...:dohh: So we made very thin baby rice

    (this stuff):

    She loved the taste, but is still taking in too much air when she eats, and isn't able to burp it out, so it makes her really uncomfortable and gassy.

    Last week I gave her a taste of sweet potatoes and she did very well with those. Didn't take so much air in. I don't give either on a regular basis. Really just wanted to try it to see where she was at developmentally.

    We'll be waiting for another 6 weeks to make solids more mainstay in her diet, and by then I'm almost positive she'll be ready to go for all of it :)

    That's my experience for what it's worth ;)
  5. Sammy181

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    I've just bought this book on amazon - it's really good. It has a lot of info about weaning and also recipes:

    Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner
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    Aug 30, 2007
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    My pediatrician gave me this guideline:

    week 1: rice cereal
    week 2: oatmeal
    week 3: barely cereal

    After that we where to start solids if he was doing well with cereal, starting with orange vegetables then moving on to green. We were to give the same vegetable for four days straight before moving to the next so we would know which food would be causing an allergic reaction if he had one. Once we were done with vegetables we were to introduce fruit.

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